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About Us

Some may ask, why is a guitar company offering coffee? For us, the answer is simple, we love coffee.

Brand O’ Guitar Company has created unique guitars and other musical items since 2007, but our musical roots go way back. Our team members have been involved in the music industry since the mid-1970s, when there was more variety of music. From Elvis to Motown and The Beatles to Bon Jovi, coffee was always there, each beat of the way.


In every recording studio, listed on every concert rider and on every tour bus, you’ll find coffee. It’s a documented fact that Rock Stars love coffee, and their coffee needs to be good. Image serving a pop music Diva a lousy cup of java, three assistants would get fired, furniture would get smashed, and many people would have a bad day. We knew that if we were going to make coffee, we needed to make it great.

Admittedly, roasting coffee is not a core strength for a musical instrument company; that’s why we searched far and wide for a Rock Star coffee roaster. By partnering with one of the oldest roasters in the country, we can access the roasting skills needed to develop our unique blends.


Perfect Pitch roasting is a phrase we use to describe our theory that every coffee has its unique degree of roast that brings out just the qualities we want to find in the cup. Our roasting philosophy is similar to a great song; not too dark, not too light, just right. It has taken us countless hours of small-batch craft roasting and cupping to find the perfect roast point for each coffee in the Day Tripper collection. 

By pairing our perfect pitch philosophy towards coffee with nearly two centuries of roasting experience, we believe that we have come up with the ultimate Rock Star blends.

Rock Stardom starts with peace of mind and a Rock’n’Roll attitude. So, if you want to be a Rock Star, go ahead. We’ll supply the coffee.

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